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Sustainability 2020 is our latest sustainable development program.

Our purpose-driven initiatives centered on both environmental stewardship and in the communities where we operate.

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We’re building on a solid foundation.

Kruger Products announced our first sustainable development program almost a decade ago. Since then, We are proud to have made significant strides in reducing energy and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and packaging materials while gaining transportation efficiencies.

We offer one of the largest portfolios of third-party certified products in North America and we were the first Canadian tissue manufacture to receive FSC® certification.

Sustainability is at the core of our company and we have made significant progress over the past decade.

Dino Bianco, CEO

Sustainability 2020 focuses on four targets where we can have the most impact: reducing energy use, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. As always, the health and safety of our employees is our top priority.

We put our money where our mouth is.

Our financial investment in reducing our ecological footprint is significant. Fortunately, many of our actions will result in long-term savings whether they are due to improved energy intensity, less waste production or a more effective supply chain.

Today’s investment in sustainability will help ensure that our children and yours inherit a healthy planet that will nurture their children, too.

Nexterra Biogasification System, New Westminster, BC

Our Progress

Kruger Products’ sustainability initiatives exemplify our genuine and ongoing effort to reduce our environmental footprint, and to make our products and operations more sustainable. Our 2009-2018 Key Performance Metrics summary (utilizing 2009 as the baseline year) is available here.


FSC® certification

Kruger Products was the first Canadian tissue manufacturer to earn FSC® Chain of Custody Certification from the Rainforest Alliance.


50% Improvement in Employee Health & Safety

Our employees are our most valuable asset and their health and safety is paramount. To this end, we are committed to improving our OSHA Total Incident Rate by 50% versus 2015. To date we’ve improved by 48%.


5% reduced packaging

We reduced our packaging material by 13%! The weight of this material is the equivalent to the weight of 162 “767” airplanes. Our shipping cases, paper towel and facial tissue cores and facial tissue cartons are all made from 100% recycled fibre. Many of our packaging materials are recyclable where facilities exist.


100+ certified products

We added over 60 third-party certified products including FSC® certified and/or UL ECOLOGO certified offerings. Kruger Products offers one of the largest portfolios of third-party certified portfolios in North America and continus to be the leading manufacturer of such innovative products.


Reduce energy consumption by 15%.

We are aggressively reducing our energy consumption. Since 2010 we’ve seen a 10% reduction towards our 15% goal. Innovations such as our new heat recovery system in Crabtree, QC will help us achieve our target by 2020.


Reduce total emissions by 27%.

Increasing our use of alternative and renewable energy has helped us bring our total emissions down by 22% since 2009. Innovative technologies like our first-in-Canada biomass gasification system in New Westminster, BC will help us to meet our goal by 2020.


15% reduced transport emissions

We improved our transportation efficiency by 9%, primarily through increased cube utilization on shipments resulting in improved logistics and shipping efficiencies, and increasing use of lower carbon-emitting modes of transportation, such as rail.


Reduce our water consumption by 35%.

Since 2009 we’ve reduced our overall water consumption by 28% without compromising our wastewater treatment standards. By 2020 we aim to reduce our water consumption by 35%. To date we’ve achieved a 28% reduction.

Our Shrinking Footprint

Sustainability progress at a glance

The graphic identifies our 2009 baseline footprint (red) in three key environmental areas of our Sustainability 2020 initiative. Our 2018 actual footprint (yellow) shows continued progress towards our 2020 target footprint (green), our final program objective.

2009 Baseline

2018 Result

2020 Objective

800750700550650600 505560706580757837621.7219.69609554957218.46
Consumption (M3/MDMT)
Consumption (GJ/MDMT)
Scope 1GHG
Emissions (kg CO²e/MDMT)

Supporting Sustainable Development Goals

KPLP supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Developed as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, the UN SDG’s provide a blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

At KPLP, our business practices and sustainability efforts contribute to achieving several of the targets and indictors within the SDG framework.

Our Reports

We regularly report our progress towards achieving our sustainability targets. This transparent reporting holds us accountable while allowing our key stakeholders to monitor our progress.

Thought Leadership

At Kruger Products, we recognize that we have valuable experience to share and knowledge to gain. With this in mind, we partnered with Canadian Grocer in 2012 to create the Leaders in Sustainable Thinking thought leadership roundtable series. Our goal: to uncover innovative solutions for consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers, and to promote industry best practices and collaboration.

Collaboration in Times of Uncertainty
Why business must develop a collective consciousness
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State of Green
A Sustainable Approach to Mitigating Risk in an Uncertain World
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Sustainable Logistics & Transport
Sustainable Transportation and Logistics in Consumer Packaged Goods
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Responsible Sourcing
Uncovering the Drive Towards Responsible Sourcing by the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry
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White Paper
Helping Canadian Households Achieve Their Sustainability Goals
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Our Policies

The following policies guide our sustainability actions both internally as well as with our supply chain partners.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
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Environmental Policy
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Fibre Procurement Policy
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Supplier Sustainability Policy
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More Resources

FSC® certificate
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SFI Certificate
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